Reveal randomly generated password during installation


For the first login in our application, we generate a random password, currently stored in a secret. We provide in the documentation the kubectl command to be run for getting that password, but we’re looking for a more user-friendly way of doing it.

Is there any way of revealing that password after installation in the admin console? If not, can you advise a better user experience for this situation?

Hey, Charles. I assume this password is a config option that is auto-generated.

If so, here are a couple options. In KOTS v1.97.0 we added an unmask button for passwords. This is only visible the first time the password is generated so that other people returning to the config page later cannot unmask and view the password. But during the initial installation, users could use the unmask button to view the password once. Then you could document how to find it later if people miss it.

The View files tab in the admin console is an alternative to using kubectl to get the password later. Config inputs are stored in the upstream/userdata/config.yaml file, so you could point users there to find their password too.