Tracking of customers failed installations

Customers can get trial license from our website to taste our product. How we can track on which step of installation (we use embedded option only) they failed? Our analytics and sales want to have some visibility of it.
I haven’t found this option in documentation and in vendor portal, so assumed that some kind of central dashboard doesn’t exist. Maybe you can provide tips how to create such monitoring framework?

Hi Vitaliy – Thanks for your question. I’m working closely on telemetry and observability for use cases like this. What sorts of stages do you think customers might be getting stuck at? Have you explored using the Instance Detail Page to diagnose this? Are there other installation events that you’d like to see added?

I talked with sales and I think they are satisfied from new Customer Reporting page. Also I sent them record from yesterdays ingenious RepliCon Q1 where you had covered a lot from what they want.

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Sounds good - glad to hear it. If you have more thoughts on what installation milestones you want to track, please let us know!