Pinning the Release Sequence of an Application

From the Vendor Console

Releases can be pinned for an individual customer via the vendor console. This takes precedence over pinning via /etc/replicated.conf described below.

From the customer page, a drop-down is available listing all release versions that can be pinned. Set this, and the version will be locked on the next license sync.

Pin the application version

From the Node

It is possible to pin the release sequence of a vendor application by creating or updating the file /etc/replicated.conf with property "ReleaseSequence" set to the numerical identifier of a release of the vendor application. This sequence number must correspond to a release that has been promoted to the channel to which the license is set.

For example:

  "ReleaseSequence": 123

This file can be added before running the Replicated installation scripts to pin a release at install time. It is also possible to add or edit this file in a situation where Replicated is already running. In this case Replicated must be restarted for the changes to take effect. It is not possible to downgrade the vendor application using this method.

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