Determining the release version installed on a KOTS customer


How can I tell what version of a release is being used by a customer?

Under Customers → Reporting, the name of the release is displayed, and a release sequence number, but it doesn’t seem to match the release sequence numbers from the Releases page. I want to get a link to the actual release so I can see which version is installed when the releases don’t have unique names.

(I suppose not having unique names for the releases is probably problematic, but we’re learning…)


It seems you have identified a bug. Although it states “Release sequence” in the reporting tab that sequence corresponds to the channel sequence. Right now it is only possible to find a release sequence from a channel sequence by making a request to the api<app id>/channel/<channel id>.

This issue has been fixed. You will now see the release sequence rather than channel sequence in the reporting tab.

Thanks! I was able to confirm the release sequence is showing now.