Vendor api empty responses

i’m trying to use the vendor api, but i get internal server errors, empty responses and nulls in several api paths

Is V1 api deprecated, if so where are the docs for v2?

for example i can succesfuly get my channels with the replicated commad:
REPLICATED_APP=myAppId REPLICATED_API_TOKEN=myToken replicated channel ls
1Wzzzzzzzzzzzzz nightly 236 2020-04-14-nightly
9kjzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz alpha 234 alpha-test

but with the api is impossible along with another api paths:
curl -X GET -H ‘Authorization: myToken’

returns empty response


V1 api is not deprecated and is not going to be deprecated in the foreseeable future. However, it only works with Replicated Platform apps. If you can provide at least a part of the app ID, I can check if there are any relevant errors.

Hi Dmitriy!, the app id is “respring”

Jordi, that is a KOTS app. The API for these apps has not been documented yet. Using the CLI is the safest choice for now.

oh ok, i think we will have to parse the output of the command then or copy the data manually to our db until this is working, it is not that much. Thanks anyway!