What to do when creating a support bundle isn't working as expected

It’s always good to attach a support bundle to any support request - even if it doesn’t seem relevant. There’s a lot of environment information included, along with logs, status, and installation background which helps our team to understand the context of the issue, and often the info we do need is right there. If it’s not, we can work to make sure it is there in future.

Sometimes creating a support bundle from the Admin Console doesn’t work the way we’d expect. For example, if Kubernetes is down, or if some part of it doesn’t work preventing the normal process from completing. Below are some other options you can try, to get the most useful information to Replicated for support.

Try this if the cluster is down entirely, this new process was added in 0.40.0 of Troubleshoot and doesn’t make any calls to Kubernetes, instead collecting host information.

If the cluster is alive, but things aren’t working quite how you’d expect, you can try to collect some basic cluster information from the CLI like this:

curl -L https://github.com/replicatedhq/troubleshoot/releases/latest/download/support-bundle_linux_amd64.tar.gz| tar xzvf -
./support-bundle --interactive=false https://raw.githubusercontent.com/replicatedhq/troubleshoot-specs/main/in-cluster/default.yaml

If the admin console is up and running, but collecting a bundle doesn’t seem to work there, it’s possible that an updated support-bundle binary would help (you’d have to upgrade kots to get the update built in). You can try the downloaded binary from above, plus the support bundle spec that Troubleshoot would use inside the Admin Console:

curl -L https://github.com/replicatedhq/troubleshoot/releases/latest/download/support-bundle_linux_amd64.tar.gz | tar xzvf -
./support-bundle http://<server-address>:8800/api/v1/troubleshoot/<app-slug>

Naturally for airgap environments, you would want to download and copy the same files to the right place and run from there.

If for some reason it’s absolutely impossible to collect a support bundle, Replicated wants to know about that too. It’s important for the Troubleshoot.sh project. However, for the support case, there’s some suggestions at Submitting a Support Request | Replicated Docs that describe what information to collect instead. It’s likely that a support case with no bundle is going to need a lot more discussion and further requests for information.

Please also see the Replicated product docs for more information: Generating Support Bundles | Replicated Docs