How to generate a Support Bundle from the CLI

In the case of Helm-only installs or KOTS installs where the Admin Console isn’t accessible, you may have the need to generate a support bundle from the CLI. You can use the following instructions to do so:

  1. Install the support bundle binary
    curl -L | tar xzvf -

NOTE: Binaries for architectures other than linux_amd64 can be found here - Releases · replicatedhq/troubleshoot · GitHub

  1. Generate the support bundle
    ./support-bundle --load-cluster-specs

NOTE: The above command is to generate a bundle with in-cluster information. If you need to generate a host collector bundle see - kURL: How can I generate a support bundle when my Kubernetes cluster is down

To generate a support bundle that gathers host level information from the current node in additional to cluster level information, run the following command: