Addons from Kurl installer

Hi, we’re revising out addons and aren’t sure if we needed these ones because Replicated depends on them. We don’t seem to be using them:


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  1. Contour is the Ingress Controller we provide by default in kURL, and is what would allow your application to be visited on 80/443 from a kURL install if you have an appropriate Ingress or HTTPProxy object in place. If you aren’t using Ingress at all, then this is likely an addon you could remove.

  2. Minio is used as an object store for KOTS. This would need to be present unless you configured KOTS to be installed with s3disabled. More on that here -

  3. OpenEBS is a persistent storage provider, and there needs to be at least one present in a kURL install. If you aren’t also using storage provider like Rook because your have a distributed storage requirement, then yes OpenEBS will need to be installed, so components like KOTS, Velero, Registry, Prometheus, etc can get a persistent volume even if your app doesn’t require one.

Sorry for the late reply and hopefully this answers your questions. If you’re interested in having a more in-depth architecture review from the Replicated team, feel free to reach out to your Account Rep for next steps on that.

thanks for the help.

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