How to use a different Ingress controller instead of Contour

The current default Ingress controller for the embedded kURL installer is Contour. Sometimes as a vendor you might have no experience with Contour, or you might already be using a different Ingress controller for your existing SaaS offering. So what are your options after removing Contour from your kURL specification?

  1. Use the Helm Chart add-on for kURL: There is alpha support for adding your own Helm Chart add-on to the kURL spec. Ask us if you want to try this out.
    Although this might be an easy way. It doesn’t solve the problem of having an Ingress controller available for an existing cluster install. You would have to ask your customer to provide this if they are using their own k8s.
  2. Embed your Ingress controller as part of your Replicated application: Yes, this is possible. For example for the Nginx Ingress controller, you could embed their Helm Chart or k8s manifest files as part your application.
    This has the advantage that it would work for both (existing and embedded kURL k8s)! And you as a vendor can fully define the Ingress provider of your choice. And if needed you could even make it optional using a ConfigOption. That way, if your customer is using an existing k8s cluster, and wants to use their own, they are able to do so.
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