How to configure Contour? (Disable HTTP2)

I’m trying to work around this Safari issue by disabling HTTP2 with the Contour ingress:

However, I cannot find a way to customize the Contour config to do this.

I see there’s a configmap defined by kURL which includes a Contour config, given by kubectl get configmap -n projectcontour contour -o yaml. I’m not sure if this can be customized beyond the options described on Help is appreciated!

Edit: my current workaround is to run these commands on the KOTS node:

# Get current Contour config
CONTOUR_CONFIG=$(kubectl get configmap -n projectcontour contour -o=jsonpath="{.data['contour\.yaml']}")

# Append configuration to enable HTTP/1.1 only (disable HTTP/2)
CONTOUR_CONFIG+=$'\ndefault-http-versions:\n- HTTP/1.1\n'

# Encode as a literal JSON string

# Patch the configmap with the new Contour config
kubectl patch configmap -n projectcontour contour --type="json" -p="[{\"op\": \"replace\", \"path\": \"/data/contour.yaml\", \"value\": ${CONTOUR_CONFIG_JSON_STRING}}]"

# Restart Contour so changes take effect
kubectl rollout restart deployment contour -n projectcontour