Healthcheck for kURL / Contour with a load balancer in front

With kURL we’re using Contour configured like this:

kind: HTTPProxy
  name: contour-ingress
    fqdn: {{ | quote }}

The fqdn appears to be required with Contour and it will respond with a 404 if the Host header does not match the fqdn.

A common customer setup is to put a load balancer in front of their instance for SSL termination and DMZ. This is not possible with AWS ALB because the Host header for the health check will be the instance IP, so they are getting 404s.

Is there an alternative healthcheck port or path exposed for Contour or is there a way to get Contour to respond to a ‘default’ virtualhost?

Hi @bco
It is possible to breakout the health check port with contour and expose the port when deploying:

However the kURL addon is not currently doing that:

Please can you submit a feature request via the vendor portal.

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