App Manager: GitOps w/ Helm Chart?

Hi folks :wave: - i have an example app with a helm chart and some manifests wordpress-enterprise/manifests at main 路 dexhorthy/wordpress-enterprise 路 GitHub

I did a GitOps deploy to this directory: Updating App Name to version 1 路 dexhorthy/gitops-deploy@1843583 路 GitHub, and noticing that the helm chart was excluded from the manifests.

Is there a way to get App Manager / KOTS to push the raw helm TGZ or the templated manifests? Do i have have to opt into the useHelmInstall: false thing? Is that functionality still on the way to deprecation and to be avoided? I have confirmed that setting useHelmInstall to false does cause the helm manifests to be pulled into the gitops commit.

GitOps is not supported with the 鈥淣ative Helm鈥 functionality (useHelmInstall: true). See the limitations here.

useHelmInstall: false is not currently deprecated, but it should be considered effectively deprecated. The Native Helm approach is the approach we鈥檒l focus on moving forward. We need a migration path from Replicated Helm to Native Helm before we can officially deprecate it though.