KOTS tells me what versions are available, What do I do for Helm?

Just off a call where I answered a question along the lines of “My users with KOTS and Embedded Cluster can see what releases are available in the Admin Console, what do my users who install with Helm do?”

There are are a couple of options for this:

  1. Use the Replicated SDK to show it a list somewhere in your application. This is a great way to enrich your application and show what’s new right where users can see it. This is especially useful if you already have an admin screen, since you can share it right where you admins are working.

  2. Tell your users to use a tool like skopeo, crane, oras, etc. that lets them view tags for a registry image. Each customer already has the credentials they need (the ones they use to pull the Helm chart). They can log in to the Registry with docker login (or the login command for the tool they’re using), and then list the tags with that, some examples:

skopeo login registry.replicated.com --username $USERAME --password $PASSWORD
skopeo list-tags docker://registry.replicated.com/$APP_SLUG/$CHANNEL/$CHART


oras login --username $USERAME --password $PASSWORD registry.replicated.com
oras repo tags registry.replicated.com/$APP_SLUG/$CHANNEL/$CHART


crane auth login --username $USERAME --password $PASSWORD registry.replicated.com
crane ls registry.replicated.com/$APP_SLUG/$CHANNEL/$CHART

Thought this might be useful to some other folks, so I’m passing it along.

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