How do I browse the embedded docker registry?


I’ve been trying different kludgy things to try to browse the embedded (with kurl) container registry, but I’m not happy with any of them.

In my current configuration, I am using rook+ceph as the object store, so I’m finding it’s overly complicated to try to inspect that itself.

I’ve been trying to use command-line curl to do GET REST API requests, but I’m not having luck with that, either. I can connect, and the /v2/_catalog GET call works, but when I try using one of the returned repositories it doesn’t recognize the repository, which is bizarre.

I have tried podman, which has worked the best so far, but today I wasn’t able to read image tags (which is super strange, because it worked yesterday doing the exact same thing). [ podman search --tls-verify=false --list-tags registry.kurl/repo/project ]

I found this helm chart and project, and seemingly got it to start properly, but it also cannot see the image tags.
helm-charts/charts/docker-registry-browser at master · klausmeyer/helm-charts · GitHub

It feels like either I am trying too hard [this should be a solved problem] or somehow the registry got into a bad state and tag reading is busted, or both.

For reference, I am used to using AWS ECR or Google GCR with browser-based exploration capability, and I would love to get something like that working.


@tomk Would this community post help? Also feel free to comment if there are improvements to make. Maybe a container that gives a UI view would be a good add-on?

I looked at the referred post. The post primarily covers the connection (which is useful), but not any server-side browsing.

(In my current situation, I am trying to debug why images don’t appear to be getting pushed properly, so I really want to see what’s on the server-side of the registry.)

A container with a UI would be a great add-on as a feature request.

I removed my answer after I realized I misinterpreted your question. Apologies.

What about trying docker-ls ref GitHub - mayflower/docker-ls: Tools for browsing and manipulating docker registries.