ArgoCD integration with replicated

Hello Team,

Anyone integrated ArgoCD for pulling latest release from replicated? Any insights to use it for CICD ?

idea is to use Jenkins for CI CD and push releases to replicated and then another job will trigger and that will ssh server and pull and deploy,

I can deploy the using kubectl kots upstream upgrade icedq -n default --deploy but this may deploy the latest version directly no way to identify the latest version in replicated.

Hi @dmuley,

You can use the --deploy-version-label <version-label> flag instead of --deploy to deploy a specific version associated with the provided label. You can combine that with the commit SHA for example in order to deploy the version associated with a particular commit.

For example:

Create and promote a release using the commit SHA as the version label:

replicated release create --yaml-dir=<manifests-dir> --promote='<channel-name>' --version=<commit-sha>

Deploy that release:

kubectl kots upstream upgrade icedq -n default --deploy-version-label <commit-sha>

Hope that helps.

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Got it, make sense. Thank you
Dnyaneshwar M