Custom metrics from air gap installation

I see that “Custom metrics can be collected for application instances running in online or air gap environments.” I have not found documentation about the direct method of retrieving these metrics from air gap environments. How is this done?


Hi @credo-nate ,

Collection of metrics in airgap environments, whether custom metrics you’ve posted to the Replicated SDK, or the standard instance telemetry Replicated collects by default, is done via our Alpha Airgap Telemetry Collection feature, which leverages support bundles.

More specifically, we store custom metrics in a K8s secret. When a support bundle is collected, this info is included. When the support bundle is uploaded to Vendor Portal, we process the data backfilling in the instance historical event data, and subsequently making it available to you within the Vendor Portal UI, or via data export for consumption in your own data tools.

This new Airgap Telemetry Collection feature is not yet documented because the feature is in ALPHA and hidden behind a feature flag. There is active work underway to move the feature to BETA and make it more broadly available (and publicly documented).

Ahead of that, if you’d like access to the feature to try it out, please message me via your shared Replicated slack channel and I’m happy to turn the feature flag on for you.