Recommendation to support end client by using support bundle

Dear Team, We are looking for a solution to view and analyze the support bundle through some UI tool to identify the issue faster, Is there any recommended tool to upload support bundle to view it any ui tool like splunk/elk ?

Did anyone implemented a similar kind of tool on own environment to view the support bundle?

We have been working on a tool called sbctl that lets you view the contents of a support bundle with kubectl: GitHub - replicatedhq/sbctl

The logs can be extracted from a support bundle and imported into a log analysis tool like ELK, Splunk, or lnav if you want to use those tools.

Thank you, What do you use in replicated for log analysis ?

@dmuley we build lots of analyzers to look for specific problems using Analyzing Data - Troubleshoot Docs - Troubleshoot Docs, and personally, I’m a fan of the lnav CLI program, it takes in a directory or a set of files and parses them and then orders them based on timestamp. I find it very useful when I have to look at a bunch of different pod logs at the same time, or for something like reading kubelet logs across all the hosts in the cluster. I usually combine with find when I know what I want to look for. For example, for looking for all the weave logs in a bundle:

 find . -type f -iname "weave*.log" -exec lnav {} +;