Does replicated support storing data in a location other than /var/lib?

In the circumstance where a customer wants to store data in a directory other than /var/lib (/var/lib/replicated, /var/lib/replicated-operator or /var/lib/docker), we usually suggest bind mounts when it is an option. Replicate does not currently support the dockerd data-root option.

For example if you wanted to use the directory /usr/local/docker as an alternative we could bind mount it to the destination using the following command:

mount --bind /usr/local/docker /var/lib/docker

In order to persist that across reboots we will have to edit the /etc/fstab file to include the mount.

/usr/local/docker /var/lib/docker none defaults,bind 0 0

Now mount of new configuration without reboot.

mount -a

To clarify, it is not currently possible to use /my/path/here/replicated instead of /var/lib/replicated.