Confiugure core directories into a custom location

Is there any possible options/configurations to install below core directories into a custom location ? For ex , /var/lib into /var/lib/docker or some other location.

Hi @Ahsan_Shamsudeen,

We don’t provide a overall configuration that you can install all core directories of kURL into a custom location. However, you can still store data in a directory other than /var/lib by each. For example, if you are going to use the directory /usr/local/docker as an alternative, a detailed instruction is in Does replicated support storing data in a location other than /var/lib?. Those configuration is case-by-case.

Hi Dex, thanks for the guidance.

Can you provide more details about the below requirement for root filesystem ? If there are separate mount points created for /var etc does root (/) need to be 100GB ? Would anything be stored in / as almost everything is in /var.

Reference - Table at for the above query.


@hemen.kapadia The instructions here assume that all of /var is part of the root filesystem / on a single partition. So if you create a new partition or mount point for /var I would consider making it at least 100GB according to the recommendation here. Your root filesystem / then, should contain adequate space for the OS, home folders, etc.