Is there a way to install replicated with docker using another directory other than /var/lib/docker?

We don’t have a ton of space mounted at /var – is there a way to switch the root directory?

This is a great question. Two questions to dig into before you proceed is:

  • Where is there other space mounted
  • Do you have experience with the /etc/docker/daemon.json ?
  • Does the end user have experience with bind mounts?

Considering all of those, there are a few options:

  1. Add an /etc/docker/daemon.json that changes the docker root. Do this prior to installing any replicated or KOTS or kURL components
  2. Modify /etc/docker/daemon.json via a kurl installer patch to change the daemon config
  3. create a bind mount, as described in this article Does replicated support storing data in a location other than /var/lib?

Note that (3) is written for Replicated Classic, if you are on KOTS the methods are the same but some of the directories might be different. And the bind mount needs to be created on every node in the cluster.