For how long will be supported kURL

I participated on latest Replicon and have some additional questions about kURL future:

  1. How long you will support kURL based installation?
  2. Will kURL-based installation be supporting new OSes. In particular, we interested in Amazon Linux 2023 (which is set to be the next gen of Amazon Linux 2 ?)
  3. What the estimated time for implementation of migration to k0s from kURL?

Hi @Vitaliy

Our team leaders for the kURL and Embedded Cluster product are out most of this week, but I’ll answer your initial question and tag those folks in to follow up with more detail when they are back next week.

  1. We will be supporting kURL based installations for some time. We have not yet established any potential end of life timeline for the kURL based version of creating an Embedded Kubernetes installation method. We would likely not consider establishing such a timeline until we see significant customer success and momentum in production kURL-based installs migrating to Embedded Cluster. When any such end of life timeline is established, Replicated would (1) communicate this broadly and (2) update our stated lifecycle support policy.
  2. The kURL/Embedded Cluster product team has speaking about looking at needed kURL OS support updates in the near future. I’ll defer to @Alex_Parker and @Chris_Sanders to give you a more specific answer on timing and Amazon Linux 2023.
  3. Supporting a migration from kURL to Embedded Cluster is definitely on the team’s roadmap. I’ll defer to @Alex_Parker and @Chris_Sanders to give you a more specific answer on timing.

Thank you @Amber_Alston.

Our team is committed to other work for at least the next month, but once we’re finished with those commitments, we plan to evaluate some additional OS support for kURL. AL 2023 is on the list and is highly requested.

We don’t yet have a specific timeline for a migration from kURL. Right now we are very interested in identifying customers that want to migrate their customers from kURL to Embedded Cluster. We’d like to work with interested customers to develop a kURL to Embedded Cluster migration that works well for their application. So please let us know if you’re interested. We’d like to get together and discuss what you’d need from a migration.