Services & requirements to run kURL on a linux server

I want to run kURL on a linux server that’s listed as a supported distribution. Are there any other services that I need to make sure are enabled and available? What kernel version is needed? Can you help identify all of the other requirements outside of just the Distribution and Version?

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The default configurations of the listed operating systems work as-is. kURL operates and tests against a baseline of what the supported distributions set as their defaults. All other requirements starting from that base as well as the supported operating systems are listed

Any other distribution or version not listed in the requirements is untested and would require a feature request to evaluate the defaults from that distribution and ongoing maintenance to ensure kURL is tested against changes. We are not currently expecting to add any additional supported distributions and have an Alpha in progress for a new product that will better decouple the Embedded Cluster from the base distribution. If you’re interested in the Alpha you can reach out to your Account Representative and we can get you started with the pre-release version to see if that fits your needs.