How do I find out what host packages are necessary to install kURL

The kURL installer streamlines the installation process by automatically managing dependencies. However, for environments where third-party package installation is restricted due to policies, kURL offers a skip-system-package-install (documentation) flag.

This flag allows for manual dependency management, bypassing automatic installations. Administrators opting to use this flag must ensure all necessary dependencies are pre-installed.

To identify these dependencies, we recommend you to perform a standard installation without the flag enabled and review the installation logs under /var/log/kurl , noting the packages listed.

Once you have access to the installation log you can capture the dependencies by searching for lines that follow this pattern:

⚙  Installing host packages package-name package-name

This method ensures compliance with specific environmental requirements while utilizing kURL’s capabilities. Important to note that the amount of host dependencies may vary based on the selected add ons.