Getting Audit Log API Tokens

The Replicated Vendor Portal uses Retraced to power its embedded audit log, which includes a rich API for querying and exporting audit events. A detailed guide to using the Retraced Viewer’s audit log tokens can be found in The Retraced Documentation.

When using API tokens to communicate with Retraced, the base URL will be The GraphQL endpoint will be available at SSH streaming is available at

Is there something more I need to know to connect to graphql retracted on a replicated distibution?
the token created in the audit log tab in replicated management UI is not a valid JWT token and it seems that retracted is expecting JWT
(using the request as described here: Using The Enterprise API - Retraced
and got the reply {“status”:500,“error”:“jwt malformed”,“type”:“Error”})

Thanks in advance!


Please use this endpoint instead of the one that’s documented. This one works with retraced API tokens, which you can manage on the audit-log page.