Rendering or fetching value files for HelmCharts

So, given an application deployed on a cluster, I would like to get the rendered value files that are passed into the helm upgrade commands.

Our app has a lot of charts and a very complex config setup with many optional values based on the config. Working with the rendered charts manifests is quite useless as then I still need to figure out where in the value files I need to change the result.

I would love to have a command to combine a Config file with a values files I can pass in during installation with --config-values and a manifest folder to give me value.yaml file per HelmChart.

Or a way to get access to the value files from the files explorer

Unfortunately that isn’t possible right now. The admin console runs helm template and then deploys the rendered chart, so the intermediate values file isn’t persisted anywhere.

I don’t know if there’s a reason we do it that way. I can definitely see the benefit of viewing the resultant values file, especially for development or debugging. Feel free to submit a feature request.

but helm template also uses value files right?

Yeah, it does. But KOTS doesn’t save the values file anywhere after using it for the template command.