Stage cluster upgrade for customers on slow internet speeds

Some of our customers use online kURL clusters but still have poor internet speeds which has caused longer than expected maintenance windows.

Can all of the assets be downloaded ahead of time to reduce the time it takes to update? Typically these updates include both application updates and updates to the kURL adds-on or kubernetes.

It’s similar to an airgap deployment but I’m not sure we would go about using an airgap bundle on an online cluster.

@bageldawg I don’t believe we have any support for something like this today. Any particular reason that this customer isn’t just using airgap if they are challenged on network latency or bandwidth? Short answer is going to be that this is a feature request and I’d recommend that you submit one via Replicated.

However, I’ll spend some time today testing to see if there is a way to get the online installer script to play nice with the assets from an existing airgap bundle. I believe the steps would look similiar to:

  1. Download and untar airgap bundle for some-release
  2. Move ./kurl directory to /var/lib/kurl
  3. Run online installer script for some-release

Tricking the online installer to not re-download the assets and believe they have already been downloaded is the piece i’m not sure is feasible or not without modifying the installer.

A quick test shows that it won’t be as simple as the steps I suggested above. Formal recommendation for now would be to use the airgap installer for customers with poor internet speeds, and also submit a feature request for being able to stage assets in online installations for consideration by our product team.