How would Replicated behave in a hybrid environment that is online for an initial install, but has no internet connection at a later point?

If Replicated was installed as a normal online install, but the host system would later be disconnected from the Internet and effectively turned into an airgapped environment during runtime, how would Replicated behave?

I assume there are some obvious effects like no update checks or updates, no license updates, no status updates on the vendor portal. Anything else to watch out for?

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Welcome Julian and thanks for the great question. While Replicated does support “fully airgapped” installations, there’s no way to take an instance that was initially installed in “online” mode and switch it to airgapped.

The best option here would be to install in “airgapped” mode, even if you initially expect to have an internet connection.

If you were to simply remove the internet access an instance that was installed in “online” mode, you would likely experience failure to check for updates, license updates, and vendor portal status. This is not a supported set up and if you were to experience any issues resulting from disconnecting the instance(s), you’d need to reconnect the internet access before the Replicated team would be able to assist.

You’d also be vulnerable to image pull failures. If you are using imagePullPolicy: Always, you will be unable to reboot the box or reschedule/restart pods without re-opening internet access.

With imagePullPolicy: NotPresent in a multi-node cluster, If a pod gets rescheduled from one node to another, that pod will fail to run and the application will likely be affected. The same is true for the App Manager admin console pods.

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