Airgap to Online

A scenario came up with a customer that I had not considered. I have not found documentation on this so asking here.

Is it possible to install an embedded cluster from an airgap installer then later convert that to an online installation? The use case comes up when the compute infrastructure can be provisioned faster than the network.

Unfortunately this conversion is not supported as of today. It is a feature that has been discussed before and might be considered for implementation in future releases.

Thank you for confirming.

I have also seen a similar question arise recently, though in this case it’s online to airgap.

@Evans_Mungai you mention that it’s not supported today, though has been discussed before. I’m hoping you could provide further details on that discussion, plus why this isn’t currently supported - especially the specific blockers if possible.

Also, I’m happy to open this up as a feature request if desired. Thanks!

Hi, @dabbott. I’d have to talk with the team to determine whether there are any blockers. I imagine this is possible, it’s just a question of whether the effort is worthwhile. KOTS operates in specific ways in air gap and online installations, so it’s not necessarily trivial to switch between them. Given the frequency that this comes up and the effort it would take us, it’s not something we have investigated too thoroughly or prioritized.

You’re always welcome to open a feature request. If you have seen this a lot with customers or have specific use cases you want to share with us, please do. But I can say that given the development effort and our other priorities right now, it’s not something we will implement in the near or medium term.