Templating Container Version in Replicated Classic

Can I template the container version field in Replicated Classic? I’m trying to do something like this so we don’t need to make a release for each container version change in CI:

source: ecr
name: foo
image_name: foo
version: '{{repl if ConfigOptionEquals "foo_version" "" }}1.0.0{{repl else}}{{repl ConfigOption "foo_version" }}{{repl end}}'

But it’s failing during install with the following error:

ecr/foo:{{repl if ConfigOptionEquals “foo_version” “” }}1.0.0{{repl else}}{{repl ConfigOption “foo_version” }}{{repl end}}: API error (400): invalid reference format

Unfortunately you cannot use templates in the container image field. The reason for this is it would not be possible to build airgap bundles with images.