What happens when I turn off replicated?

We’ve used replicated to deliver an on-premises product for several years, and it’s been great. However, we’ve sunset that particular product and communicated to users that it is no longer available. So although replicated has served us well for years, we no longer have a use for it.

One interesting wrinkle is that two of these customers still seem to still have these services enabled (based on looking at the last_synced_at). I’ve reached out to my contacts at these customers but nobody seems to know where these services live.

From my point of view, I’d like to stop using replicated. But I’m curious what happens to these two customers when I do? Their expiration policy is set to “ignore”, will they simply be able to keep using the existing version forever (as if they had just expired?) Or if I cancel my replicated service, does that have a different impact on these customers?

Thanks for your help!