Accessing "all.yaml"

the Loki chart was updated to v3.0.0 and won’t apply

Error: parse error at (observability/charts/loki/templates/all.yaml:95): unexpected "{" in command

Now I do not have any values with a { in it, so I want to figure out what is on line 95 of all.yaml. But this file is nowhere to be found in the kotsadm ui.

Any idea where I could see this file, maybe shelled into the kotsadm container?

@roderik The all.yaml is probably a temporary file (being put in some temporary directory under /tmp/kotsadm*/
Can you share a reference to the actual loki chart you used?

        enabled: true
        size: '{{repl ConfigOption "loki_disk_size"}}'
        enabled: true

@roderik on the View Files tab, there is a link to get the download command. If you run that, you will get the files that you can then pass through kustomize

kubectl kots download --namespace <namespace> --slug <appslug>
The application manifests have been downloaded and saved in <some location>

Then kustomize build should produce the same or very similar file

kustomize build <path to chart>

Path to chart will look something like this (from your current directory): ./<appslug>/overlays/downstreams/this-cluster/charts/<chart name>

If you have multiple nested charts, the path will be deeper.

If lines don’t match exactly, look for stray { characters.

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I’m not sure yet, but the ConfigMap’s for the dashboards are looking to contain a lot of json data. Maybe if you leave those out (at first), it might help to identify which template is causing it.