How do I archive a license?

How do I archive a license?

When you archive a license in the vendor portal, it is hidden in the default license search and becomes read-only. Archival does not affect the utility of license files downloaded before the change.

In order to archive a license, you will need to archive the customer. If you need to keep the customer and are just needing to make changes to the license, take a look at these resources for updating licenses and changing license types.

  1. Navigate to the customers tab
  2. Identify the customer that needs to be archived
  3. Click the corresponding trash icon next to the customer (as shown below)

  1. You will be prompted to confirm that you would like to archive the customer - select Archive customer

Screen Shot 2022-11-17 at 3.16.29 PM

Unarchiving a customer

If a customer is archived in error, you can revert it by selecting the option to show archived customers and then selecting to unarchive using the corresponding icon shown below.

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