How To: Upload A Support Bundle for Replicated Support

This article describes how to upload a support bundle to Replicated Support.

Option 1:

[1] Login to Vendor Web: Replicated - Vendor

[2] Select “Something is broken or not working as expected”

[3] Upload the support bundle attachment.

Option 2:

You can bypass creating a support request and share the support bundle in Vendor Web.

[1] Login to Vendor Web: Replicated - Vendor

[2] Navigate to Troubleshoot, select Upload a support bundle.

[3] Upload the support bundle and select Share with Replicated:

[4] The links to the bundle and any deep links to files will be accessible to any Replicated support agents.

Option 1 is out of date. For up-to-date instructions, see

Option 2 is also outdated. For the current documentation about Option 2, see the product docs at Inspecting Support Bundles | Replicated Docs. Thanks, folks!