What protocol / mechanism and which IP addresses does Replicated use when installing a package via the UI

We are seeing very slow performance of downloading files via replicated on one (and only one) customer site. Use of direct mechanisms (such as curl / wget or browsers) or equivalent files using the same server are fast.

So we are trying to debug why Replicated seems to be hitting issues (we know its likely not Replicated itself - I have run the same process on many other environments).

Hello there! Thanks for reaching out!

Just would like to gather some info to help us troubleshoot this.

  • Can you let us know in which region this VM/Cluster is located? (physical location in the world)
  • What are you actually trying to curl or wget, can you share your output from the time you ran the curl ... command till it shows the download time and how long it takes?
  • So just to clarify this is only happening with tis customer site but other customers/sites/regions its okay?

Note: Just a heads up, before posting any logs please redact any sensitive information such as your customer VM IP or any names etc.


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