where does Replicated store/check for NIC card information?

Problem statement -Installed Replicated using NIC #2 by mistake.
Want to re-install Replicated on NIC #1 on the machine (NIC2 is for backup purposes).

Deinstalled Replicated by

  1. removing all docker containers,
  2. followed replicated uninstall instructions,
  3. Removed references to, and replicated files on the host.

During reinstallation attempt, it didn’t ask for NIC information input (choice) and itself reinstalled Replicated on NIC #2.
Didn’t find any os conf/log files for replicated where NIC related install information is logged. Tried my hand at replicated, replicatedctl commands too.Looking for help on this please…

You can specify private IP address on command line using the private-address parameter documented here