Error during install after updating from Alpha SDK to Beta

Hi folks – I just updated my SDK from an Alpha version to 1.0.0-beta.7 Replicated SDK Release Notes | Replicated Docs

When tryin to install, I’m getting an error

Error: INSTALLATION FAILED: template: wordpress-enterprise/templates/_replicated/secret.yaml:5:27: executing “wordpress-enterprise/templates/_replicated/secret.yaml” at <>: nil pointer evaluating interface {}.app

The file _replicated/secret.yaml is not in my templates/ folder – the source code for the app is here GitHub - dexhorthy/wordpress-enterprise at 40a750bf59303aa9925434fb555ee1773136d001

Turns out I was still pulling an old tag of the helm chart - my latest was 0.6.0-main.40a750b which got parsed by the Helm CLI as a semver pre-release. Manually pulling that version by passing

--version 0.6.0-main.40a750b

to the helm install command resolved my issue!